Lumos enables millions of people, who have limited access to the electric grid, the potential to obtain electricity in an affordable and sustainable manner. In doing so, Lumos customers are able to replace their diesel generators and kerosene lanterns, which are typically noisier, more expensive and polluting, and pose a greater risk of fire, than Lumos’ products.

Lumos sells off-grid rooftop solar electricity generation systems, which are capable of powering lights and a range of DC appliances including phone chargers, small televisions and fans. The company offers its customers the ability to purchase solar power in a simple and inexpensive manner using mobile phone airtime.

Lumos’ solar systems are currently available in Nigeria, where the company has partnered with MTN, the leading mobile phone operator in the country. In time, Lumos intends to make its products available in other countries where people have limited or unreliable electricity access.